Silk Pillowcases

The Rest Haven Silk Pillowcases are the height of luxury and selfcare made specifically for the bedroom. Silk is naturally breathable and smooth, making it the perfect pairing for a plush pillow. The silk construction can also help keep your skin hydrated and help decrease hair breakage. Plus, the 100 percent silk composition means your pillow will be the envy of your sleep partner, that’s why they come in twos. Take control of your beauty rest with the Rest Haven Silk Pillowcases.

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  • These pillowcases are made of 100 percent genuine mulberry silk for the smoothest and most breathable product available
  • The soft silk material creates a smooth sleep surface that helps reduce hair breakage for healthy and happy hair
  • A zipper closure allows you to remove your pillowcase with ease and convenience without changing the feel of the pillowcase
  • Regularly machine wash and hang dry to keep your pillowcase fresh and clean


1 Year Warranty